Workforce management is the process that ensures the optimal balance between the need for work (type of work, amount of work, etc.) and the employee capacity, competencies, labor costs and customer and employee satisfaction within your organization.

The process includes all the activities needed to strategically manage your business in the areas of forecasting, scheduling scheduling, recording worked times and analyzing scheduled and scheduled hours.

Censys BV has chosen WorkForce Pro as a software application for workforce management (WFM). WorkForce Pro provides on the one hand a timetable planning system and on the other hand the processing of the time registration.

  • The work to be performed and the employees available for it are fully automatically processed by WorkForce Pro into a roster proposal.
  • The timetable generator makes all necessary considerations in order to arrive at efficient personnel planning. This leads to considerable savings in time and money.
  • Service rosters, clock times and timesheets are collected in the background by the roster program and set out in the time registration.
  • With the help of clear overviews you can easily check the collected information for accuracy. After approval, allowances and deductions are consolidated for salary processing and update balances are updated.

Application for efficient duty roster

By implementing user needs, we can make it as easy as possible for you with WorkForce Pro. The application makes all necessary considerations to arrive at an efficient duty roster.

That saves you a lot of puzzle work. WorkForce Pro links the work that has to be performed to the available employees with the right competencies and generates a roster proposal. The program collects hours worked in the background from the timetables, clocked times and timesheets.

These are then ready in the time registration that you can link to your payroll administration for payment. WorkForce Pro naturally calculates the correct allowances per employee, per service, and so on.

There is much more with which WorkForce Pro makes your work more efficient!

  • The program connects with HRM and salary applications.
  • It automatically generates the schedules that you and your employees can work with.
  • WorkForce Pro integrates laws, collective agreements, employment contracts and allowances at individual or service level.
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