Many uninsured taxis and a bare chicken cannot be picked when claiming personal injury

To prevent you from getting into an uninsured taxi, you can of course ask the driver if he or she has liability insurance. That can be an uncomfortable conversation, writes Ronald Strater and you have to wait and see if the truth is told.

According to the Brabants Dagblad, 118 taxis are driving around uninsured in Brabant, slightly more than 3 percent of the total number of registered taxis in the province. Not a shocking figure, but an accident with or in an uninsured taxi can have unpleasant consequences. "Then you have a problem," says personal injury lawyer Ruud Voorvaart, but how do you prevent this?

The Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Act (WAM) stipulates that a motor vehicle must be insured if a registration certificate has been issued for the motor vehicle. A motor vehicle that is not being used must also be insured. Not being insured is punishable by the WAM.

If, in the event of an accident, you cannot claim anything from the taxi driver, there is, in addition to all other misery, a financial safety net. “Then you can submit a claim to the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund. If it is established that the fault lies with the taxi driver, they will certainly help you ”, says lawyer Ruud Voorvaart in the Brabants Dagblad. The benefit may then be less high.

"Then you have a problem"Says injury lawyer Ruud Voorvaart from Breda. "Because then you cannot claim anything and in principle you must hold the taxi driver liable. The chance that he pays is not great because compensation can go up considerably. Even up to tens of thousands of euros. A taxi driver will not just have such an amount in his savings account. Or he must have won the Lotto by chance."

You cannot pick from a bare chicken

"If people have to pay a hundred thousand euros, you can stand upside down if they don't have it," continues Voorvaart. “Then nothing comes. Maybe they will have to pay 50 euros per month, which usually happens in such cases. But that's it then. "

Via the following link you can check whether a car is insured.

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