Do you automatically install version 10 on the cloud servers?

No, users of the Taxis Pitane Business Suite can continue to work normally with the current version of their software. The current version 9 of the software will continue to be maintained until January 1, 2019, including the availability of the Taxis Pitane Business Suite help desk.

Do I have to switch to version 10 when I purchase additional licenses?

No, if you want to extend the existing licenses, there is no question of automatically adapting the software to version 10.

Can both versions of the software be used interchangeably?

Yes, both versions of the software can be used interchangeably. It goes without saying that the functionality per version is limited. These options can be canceled at a later date when there is talk of the planned database upgrade in the last quarter of 2017 (SQL server 2016 EOL announcements). 

Is the upgrade to Pitane Mobility version 10 completely free?

No, for the upgrade of this version one has to pay the price difference extra monthly since version 10 is a lot more expensive than its predecessors. All updates within a certain version will of course remain free within the rental period of the software. We naturally have an upgrade rate available for existing users of the software.

Will my contracts change when we switch to the new version?

No, the current contracts remain unchanged and will only be adjusted with the price difference between the existing contract and the rates of the new software.

Are all functions available within the first Pitane Mobility version 10 release?

No, all functions for logistics, group transport, planning and data communication at your exchange, including route statement processing and remuneration are available. Administrative functions such as order processing and invoicing will follow later this year and are expected in the course of the second quarter. It is of course possible to continue to use these functions within Taxis Pitane version 9 since both versions can be used interchangeably.

In which languages is Pitane Mobility version 10 available as standard?

The software can be used as standard in Dutch and English but has three optional languages such as French and German and an additional language that can be easily imported such as Italian, Spanish, etc.

Do I have to pay extra for foreign languages in Pitane Mobility? version 10?

Yes, this extension is available in the Graphical User Interface / Internationalization module and is also linked to the International help desk. The software is delivered as standard in one 'native' language of your choice.

Can I have the Pitane Mobility Drunning esktop software version 10 on your own computers?

Yes, if your computers are capable of running 64-bit software, you can manage the desktop edition of Pitane Mobility version 10 on your own computers.

Can I have the Pitane Mobility Web Editie 10 run on your own computers?

No, the Pitane Mobility Web Edition version 10 can only be used via a web account that you must request as an extension to your basic licenses. The software can be used with all the latest versions of the known browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer).

I can only do one Pitane Mobility Web Editie purchase version 10?

Of course you can only use the Pitane Mobility Web Edition version 10 without having to have a cloud server. Consult our sales department for more information.

Is an extension Pitane Mobility Web Edition version 10 an additional license?

No, to be able to use a web edition of the software you need to extend the existing basic user license with the add-on web edition. You can then log in or on the desktop edition or on the web edition with your user license.

All external hardware connections work within the Pitane Mobility version 10.

No, if no 64-bit version of your drivers are available, we unfortunately cannot include them in the new software. To solve this problem, we do have a free Pitane Mobility host available that you can install on your own computer at the Pitane Mobility Web Edition.

How can I order the upgrade or receive a quote?

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