People may not immediately think of the touring sector but secretly NS is a big customer for the coach market. Dutch Railways uses replacement buses if trains cannot run. In 2017, for example, NS used more than 22,000 buses for work and nearly 9,000 buses for disruptions.

Pitane Mobility is developing better travel information and management systems for this sector in order to more accurately inform travelers about the exact departure and arrival times of their buses when working.

The Eindhoven-based company previously concluded an agreement with OV9292 for the integration of its information system and now, since the arrival of Pitane Mobility Rio, it has been offering complete software for control centers in train replacement bus transport such as Transvision.

Tailored mobile applications for iOS and Android

Since April 2019, we have been building our own native custom apps for iOS and Android. These apps use our Pitane Mobility API, which we also make available to our partners for their own developments on our software. One of our latest developments and perhaps one of the best known apps is the driver app for NS train replacement transport.

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