Google Maps warns if a taxi driver tries to rip you off

Google has decided to use Google Maps to compete with taxi drivers. According to Google, the scams will soon be a thing of the past. With the new feature called Stay Safer, Google Maps gives a notification when the taxi driver deviates from the route.

Taxi drivers who try to trick their customers are better on their guard because Google Maps is testing a new feature where users are notified when the most logical route is ignored by the driver.

It is a known worldwide problem: rogue taxi drivers who unnecessarily make a big detour in order to push the fare up.

If it depends on Google Maps, such practices will soon be a thing of the past. The new function within Google Maps called "Stay Safer" automatically gives users a notification when the taxi deviates more than 500 meters from the "logical" route.

The notification makes the user aware of the possible scams.

The position is currently being tested in India, a country where some rape cases where taxi drivers sexually abused their female customers have led to great dismay.

It is not yet known when 'Stay Safer' will be rolled out globally.

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