New VVR guidelines are still a nuisance

old couple a man and woman sitting in a wheelchair outdoors

The transitional arrangement to comply with the updated Code for the Safe Transport of Wheelchair Users (VVR) has been extended by one year to 1 July 2020. According to the law, a taxi driver is responsible for the correct use of the restraint system and seat belts, but the large diversity of wheelchairs still leads agree to problems with transportation.

The VVR Code Code wants to use the extra time, among other things, to talk to clients about the need for safe wheelchair transport.

The VVR Code is a guideline for the safe transport of wheelchair passengers. The revised code came into force in October 2017, when a transitional period has also been agreed in which wheelchairs without a hook symbol may also be transported, provided that they are properly secured.

The code has been around for 20 years

The first edition dates from 1999 and was managed by KBOH and Vilans. From the 2015-2016 edition, the Vast = Beter knowledge center manages the VVR Code. To protect the independent and objective content, the brand name "Code VVR by A.Peters" ® is officially registered. The 2019-2020 edition is currently the most current issue.

Transitional arrangement VRR Code extended by one year

Wheelchair users, drivers and companies can see from the sticker with the hook symbol that the wheelchair can be transported safely.

  • After July 1, 2020 wheelchairs may no longer be transported without such a sticker.
  • During the transitional period, the passenger and the carrier must together find a safe solution if the (usually older) wheelchair is not yet marked with the hook symbol.
  • For people with a customized wheelchair who is not marked with a hook symbol after July 1, 2020, an adequate solution must be found.

More about the creation of the VVR code - click here

old couple a man and woman sitting in a wheelchair outdoors
senior man with woman in wheelchair outside in the city
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