Pitane Mobility Group Transport v10 provides connoisseurs with totally new possibilities

The development of new software and updates of existing components are moving at a lightning fast pace since everything is based on Pitane Mobility version 10. The latest and perhaps the most impressive Pitane Mobility software has long been looking forward to.

Pitane Mobility Group Transport version 10 will enter the market at the beginning of April and will provide connoisseurs with completely new methods for standardizing routes and determining purchase and selling prices of routes. The latter can even be calculated per passenger so that it is clear what a client costs or pays in a route.

Market leader in innovative software

Pitane Mobility is the market leader in software for transporting homes to day care and student transport. Our clients are primarily foundations and organizations responsible for transporting clients with intellectual disabilities and people with a work disability.

Municipalities that organize student transport and large transport centers are also at the right address with us from analysis, procurement to implementation.

The main assets are:

  • Software that looks at the individual possibilities and needs of the client.
  • Automatic route generator and standardization of all group transport.
  • Perfect registration of waiting time, loaded and unloaded time of your drivers.
  • A team with know-how and perfect support during implementation.
  • Affordable solution and also available as a Pitane Mobility web edition.
  • A relatively low investment and good payback model.
  • Strong transport analyzes per home, carrier or client and perfect reports.
  • Excellent standardization and automatic determination of the travel route.
  • Fix the purchase and selling price per route during the standardization.
  • Detailed route information and clear route analysis and / or reports.

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