Delta Plan Mobility on the agenda of the sixth KNV annual event

Wednesday, June 12, the sixth annual event KNV Healthcare Transport & Taxi was held in Bunnik. After years of presence in Utrecht at the former Mercedes Nederland headquarters, this year it was not entirely coincidentally that the BOVAGhuis was chosen.

Despite a rainy day that caused the attendance of members to fail, it was an interesting agenda full of MaaS and Delta Plan mobility. The latter was presented to the State Secretary and Minister earlier in the morning.

The next cabinet must invest billions in the demand for mobility.

The capacity of the Dutch road network and public transport is insufficient to accommodate the increasing demand for mobility. To prevent the Netherlands from getting stuck in the coming years, mobility needs to be redesigned. The Mobility alliance makes specific proposals for this, in which the traveler and the transport of goods are central.

To make the transition - to a new, innovative and integrated mobility system - a package of measures has been presented in the Delta Plan. Such as the construction of mobility hubs on the outskirts of cities and in rural areas to make the transfer and exchange between different modes of transport smoother and faster. In combination with the further development of Mobility as a Service, so that travelers can easily and tailor-made travel advice and can immediately reserve, book and pay in simple, accessible apps.

The Mobility Alliance is a unique partnership of now 25 parties, established to ensure that the freedom of movement of the Netherlands is preserved in the future. This requires a change to a new smarter mobility system in which both the traveler and the entrepreneur can travel flexibly.

Broad plan with a coherent package of measures.

The strength of the Delta Plan is that it approaches mobility as a coherent whole. By the mobility sector of the Netherlands, before the mobility of the Netherlands. It is not just about the need for accessibility, but also about our climate ambitions, spatial issues, road safety, a healthy and inclusive society, innovation and energy transition. It is about what the Netherlands needs now for later. And travelers and users are central.

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