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We provide software for funeral service providers as well as for suppliers of funeral cars and funeral caravans. The Pitane Mobility Mourning Transport component gives you a boost by processing a funeral file faster and more effectively.

You will be guided by the system in all administrative and funeral care activities that are dealt with from the notification of death to the aftercare of a funeral.

Personality representation

Because every funeral is personal, we must take into account all the requirements of your client. In recent years there has been an enormous growth in the requirements for a funeral.

With the growth of it funeral transport there was also a demand for trailer car transport. The transport on the day of the funeral, also state transport has become increasingly important in recent years as a representation of the personality of the deceased.

Pitane Mobility Funeral Transport, complete from A to Z

Our software offers everything for Post Mortem Assistance and the planning of funeral transport. The software was developed from practice and offers everything that the market demands. One of the most important aspects is user-friendliness and the possibility of mutual communication with colleague companies (follow-up car transport, state transport).

Some options:

  • Delivery of funeral crates
  • Rental of opbaar supplies
  • Registration of post-mortem care
  • Management of operations and documents
  • Registration of work orders
  • Direct link to order processing and invoicing
  • Digitizing documents
  • Communication with the client
  • Planning of cars and drivers
  • Planning funeral staff 

In addition to the transport of the deceased, there are still many core activities that are processed within the Pitane Mobility Mourning Transport software such as the care and storage of the deceased, at home or in a funeral home.

For all tasks it is possible to produce work orders that are immediately linked to necessary documents (example - post mortem removal of implant batteries).

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