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Pitane Mobility Starter Cloud Server can easily be expanded at any time to the Pitane Mobility Business Suite or Pitane Mobility Enterprise Edition so that your software grows with the needs within your company.

Pitane Mobility makes communicating with drivers easy with the handy BCT link

This VPS server is suitable for using the Pitane Mobility Standard edition. Price per month - including 1 snapshot.

Every Pitane Mobility Cloud server is delivered in real time, so you can get started right away.

This pureSSD X8 cloud server can be used from any location and has trusted anti-virus and anti-phishing protection.

  • 4 Intel Xeon
  • 8,192 MB
  • 300 GB SSD
  • 10,000 GB of data traffic
  • 1 (Max. 10) IPv4 address
  • 1 Snapshot
  • Monitoring
  • 1Gb / s uplink

Every Pitane Cloud VPS is equipped with the latest generation of Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC-RAM and RAID-Z (ZFS) storage. This subscription is based on a minimum period of 12 months and can be canceled monthly thereafter. Rate is based on a monthly subscription for 1 simultaneously logged in user. Expansion with multiple users is of course possible.

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