Date of the updated entry into force: 25 May 2018.

This Privacy Statement ("Statement") applies to persons around the world who use our apps and our Services to require transportation, delivery or other on-demand services ("Users"). This Statement also applies to information we collect from or about our drivers, or other persons who use the Pitane Mobility platform under license (collectively “Drivers”). When you are in contact with the Services as a User and as a Driver, the respective privacy statements apply to the two different types of interactions.

We collect information that you provide to us directly, such as when you create or change your account, require on-demand services, contact customer service, or otherwise communicate with us. This information includes: name, e-mail, telephone number, postal address, profile photo, payment method, requested items (for delivery services), delivery notes and other information that you provide.

When you use our services, information about you is collected to activate the functions and services on the phone and to carry out the transactions you have requested or approved. You may provide certain information about yourself (such as your name, e-mail address and telephone number) and other information such as location is automatically collected in connection with the services. This data may also be analyzed and used for the development and improvement of our functions and services on the telephone, unless more limited purposes are defined.

When you use the services for transport or delivery, we collect precise location information about the ride of the Pitane Mobility app used by the driver. If you authorize the Pitane Mobility app to access location services through the consent system used by your mobile operating system (“platform”), we collect the exact location of your device when the app is open in the foreground or background. We can also approximate your location via your IP address. If you do not give permission, it is possible that parts of the app are not available for use.


For internet-based functions on the telephone, including functions in our application, data may be collected about your requested services in our software. For example, we may collect information about the address details of your travel path and the actions you perform in our software, such as searches for content or applications or purchasing applications or content. This data is used to adjust your user experience to your wishes and to deliver the services you have requested.

For a more consistent user experience tailored to your personal preferences during your interaction with our software, data collected on the phone through functions and services can be combined with data obtained through other products and services. The information collected about you by telephone may also be supplemented with information obtained from other companies.

If you give the Pitane Mobility app access to the address book on your device through the consent system used by your mobile platform, we will have access to names and contact information from your address book to enable social interaction through our services and for other purposes described in this Statement or at the time of approval or collection.

We may collect information about your mobile device including, for example, the hardware model, operating system and version, file names and versions, preferred language, unique device identification code, advertising identification codes, serial numbers, device motion information, and mobile network information.

If GPS is available, the longitude, latitude, speed and direction of the phone can be collected via GPS. This data is used by the location-determining database of our exchange to send the location of your telephone (approximately) back to the application, function or website. The location data provided may include the latitude, longitude, speed, direction, and height of your phone at the time of the request. Identification data about available masts or Wi-Fi access points, such as MAC addresses or mast masts, is not passed on.

Unless otherwise specified in this statement, your information will not be passed on to third parties without your permission. Occasionally other companies are hired to offer limited services on our behalf, such as sending or delivering purchases or other mail, answering customer questions about products or services, processing event registrations, or performing statistical analysis of our services. We only provide these companies with the data necessary to provide the service and these companies are not permitted to use this data for other purposes.

Our application is not intended for use by children without parental consent. Depending on the country or region, parental consent may be required to create an account for children under 13 (older in some jurisdictions). By giving permission to create an account, your child can use all services that depend on the account. Many of these services collect personal information and other information and with these services children can communicate with others. Parents can change or revoke the consent by changing the settings of the child's account at the software's central or licensee.

As a service provider, we are obliged to explain to you how we handle your personal data. 

WHY are those personal data important?

Thanks to your data, we can inform each other, which is very pleasant and useful, because:

  • You have an agreement with us for your cloud server, software or app application 

  • This way we can keep you informed of our products and services 

  • We can inform you with a newsletter about interesting developments and offers 

  • We can invite you to special events 

  • We are interested in your opinion about our services 

WHAT does our privacy statement entail?

The AVG asks us to handle the personal data that you have provided to us in the past with care. To explain exactly what is 'careful', we kindly refer you to this privacy statement, in which we explain, among other things: 

  • That we never sell your personal data to, or share with third parties for marketing purposes without your permission 

  • Why we have your personal data 

  • What we do with this data 

HOW does it work with your rights (and how can you possibly object)? 

You can of course find out what rights you have with regard to your data in the privacy statement. Via the e-mail address you can: 

  • Have your personal data changed or deleted if you wish 

  • Possibly object to the use of your personal data 

If you object by e-mail, we will contact you to ask what information you no longer wish to receive from us. 

This privacy statement is updated occasionally to reflect changes to our products and services, and to provide more insight into our practices based on user experience and customer feedback. When we make changes to this statement, the date of the latest version at the top of this document is adjusted.

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