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Pitane Mobility is provided with various web portals that are suitable for booking journey orders for your customers or the administration of your drivers.

This option is suitable for the following licenses:

  • Pitane Mobility Business Suite
  • Pitane Mobility Enterprise Edition

The following web portals are part of the software:

  • Anonymous booking of ride orders
  • Customer portal (providing customers with an account)
  • Client portal (clients provided with an account)
  • HORECA portal (hotels, bars with an account)
  • File management (port services with an account)
  • Portal for sub-centers (sub-centers with an account)
  • Driver's portal (drivers with an account)
  • Portal for courier companies

Our web portals can
used independently and do not need Apache or IIS to
Operate. Through various options it is even possible to change the
integrate portals within your own website.

 “Pitane Mobility portals are the ideal way to let your customers book online or view the status of their journey orders. Via parameters you can even match the look and feel of the portal to the colors of your own website so that booking is possible from your company website. ”

Our web portals can also be integrated as iFrame on your own website. For example, you can use our Widget on your website where you offer your customer the possibility to quickly book a ride order. For all parameters for calling the portal, please refer to our HELPDESK - PARAMETERS PORTAL page on our help desk center.

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