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We handle thousands of journey orders per day for our customers. Whether it is a small exchange with a few dozen trips a day or a large traffic control with more than 5000 trips a day, the Pitane Mobility software does what it should at affordable rates.

You can easily expand Pitane Mobility at any time so that your software grows with the needs within your company.

Main features Pitane Mobility software

  • Manage master data on debtors, paying agencies, personnel and vehicle fleet
  • Clear tables for forms of transport, indications and accessories of your travelers
  • Well-arranged agenda with all functions for the operator and operator
  • Integration of distance calculation by road within the processing of journey requests
  • Possibility to manage journals (permanent work)
  • Allocating, assigning and notifying journeys via data communication
  • Management of rates per company, paying agency or debtor
  • Registration per journey of CO2 emissions for the construction of a green fleet
  • Integration of online web services for keeping your data up-to-date
  • Support with implementation in accordance with the TX certificate! (taxi liquor mark)

Clear administration and overviews

  • Trip state processing and clear overviews of the service data
  • Clear administration, order processing and invoicing
  • Collecting assignments to an invoice (collective invoices)
  • Digital invoicing to customers in accordance with conditions of the Tax Authorities
  • Manage payments from customers, including creating payment reminders
  • Immediately calculate all rates to your customer including VAT
  • Clear reports with the help of our report generator
  • Easily reprint invoices, create credit invoices and copy invoices
  • Clear administration in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the Tax Authorities

Working together is the greatest asset

  • Integration with Pitane Mobility Link network
  • Sending SMS messages from the software via SMS gateway
  • Powerful network support and delegation tasks between workstations
  • Support Citrix, RDP, TS, VMware, Thinstuff XP / VS via thin clients
  • Expansion possible with all available modules
  • Link to Pitane Mobility Narrow Casting in hospitals, receptions and hotels
  • Sending network messages via data communication
  • Integration BCT QTwee - Neone - Cabman - Android and iOS apps
  • Link with TomTom WEBFLEET for dynamic planning
  • Integration of VOIP and speech technology
  • Integration mobility manager for group transport
  • Link with De Vier Gewesten, Wintop, Connexxion, Valys, PZN, Transvision, etc.
  • Link with Achmea healthcare transport via soap integration
  • Central telephone book linked to automatic calling from the software
  • Integration of Pitane Mobility Maps and Track & Trace services
  • Link to People Connect servers for communication with ZCN
  • Export of data to accounting such as Afas, Exact, King, Adsolut and Trip
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