Pitane Mobility concludes unique agreement with Karhoo

Karhoo works slightly differently from many of his rivals such as Uber. It simply provides a platform for taxi companies to offer ride prices in the app so that users can choose the provider that suits their needs. For the Netherlands and Flanders this will soon be done for taxi companies via the Pitane Mobility network.

The Flit Technologies Group was established in 2016 with the acquisition of Karhoo, which had then run into financial problems and had to cease its activities. A new Karhoo team was put together and the services were restarted in 2017, with a renewed business model and a new business approach.

Flit Technologies Group was subsequently expanded with a collaboration with COMO to create COMO Urban Mobility and with the acquisition of Yuso in 2018. The group now has more than 100 employees and more than 1000 customers. Together they support the growth of a better urban mobility environment.

Role of Pitane Mobility and profit for our customers

With national coverage in the Netherlands and Belgium and very large coverage by taxi companies in major cities, the user of Pitane Mobility will be able to benefit from this fairly unique collaboration in the coming years.

Karhoo will offer its journey orders on the Dutch and Belgian market via the Pitane Mobility network. Consider, for example, transport expansions when booking hotel rooms and flights and the associated taxi rides to and from the airport or the expansion of transport from any NS station.

Karhoo cooperates with the French Railways SNCF to create an innovative new platform Mon Driver to enable travelers on the high-speed trains of the SNCF to book first and last kilometers with a taxi or a private rental car

Censys BV in Eindhoven will link the journey orders to Pitane Mobility centers that are equipped with Pitane Mobility Assist version 10 or higher.

French bank specializes in mobility services 

Flit Technologies is supported by RCI Bank and Services, a French bank specialized in car financing and services for customers and networks of the Renault Groupe (Renault, Renault Samsung Motors, Dacia) worldwide and of the Nissan group (Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun) , mainly in Europe, Brazil and South Korea and through joint ventures in Russia and India. Over the past two years, RCI Bank and Service has a strategic ambition to become a B2B provider of mobility services to become.

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