Op de Pitane Mobility Gebruikersdag in Scheveningen staan een aantal presentaties gepland, zo ook de presentatie van de gloednieuwe Pitane Mobility Driver App.

The new 'native' app is packed with technical gadgets such as logging in via Face ID or fingerprint, a link to various payment systems, support from Pitane Mobility Assist and a completely redesigned user interface that meets all expectations of our users.

Main assets: ease of use, speed and knowing where the driver is.

One of the main innovations is the adjustable GPS update interval and a self-registering user account at the exchange without the intervention of a planner or system administrator.

The construction of the new app was preceded by a great deal of time. All technical aspects are currently being thoroughly tested within a selected group of Pitane Mobility users.

New technology necessary to continue to meet the requirements.

From August 2021, Google will no longer allow 32-bit versions of apps in the Play Store. All Android apps must then be transferred to 64-bit versions. From 1 August 2019, developers must offer 64-bit versions of apps in addition to 32-bit versions.

A phone with a 64-bit architecture can process more RAM and run heavier apps. This allows smartphones to better multitask.

Apple has stopped supporting 32-bit versions since iOS 11. Apps for iOS that only offer 32-bit support therefore no longer work on iPhones and iPads with recent versions of the mobile operating system.

New technical requirements require a modified license structure.

The Pitane Mobility Driver is not an upgrade for the existing 32-bit versions that are currently being used. This new generation of apps requires a new license that is a lot higher in price than its predecessors.

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