New app now offers all taxi company drivers their own Pitane Mobility App

During the announcement of the planned new developments for 2019, the arrival of a new standard app for all transport companies was high on the agenda. How nice would it be to be able to serve different taxi companies with one app?

Pitane Mobility introduces a totally updated version of Pitane Mobility Online suitable for iOS and Android. A solution for all drivers who offer services at different transport companies. The most important addition in this driver app is perhaps the possibility to link the app to one or more transport companies.

During the start-up of the app, this offers the driver the possibility to link to the standard company or temporarily connect to another company. You can adjust the selection from within the app with the same ease.

Limited management costs for your company.

With Pitane Mobility Online V3, the management costs of mobile devices are kept to a minimum. Unlike previous solutions, the device does not have to be registered in a management tool. The user downloads the app from the Google PlayStore or AppStore after which it installs itself.

The user then only needs to log in with the e-mail address and password that he has automatically received from the manager of the Pitane Mobility network. Rides can then be assigned to the user and all functions available.

Can I use the app when I have an on-board computer?

Of course, the Pitane Mobility App works perfectly alongside your on-board computer with data communication. Of course you have to operate the on-board computer as before, but the app works synchronously and offers many added value and functions that your BCT does not have.

This way you also receive the journey orders on the app and you always know the way. You will receive directions to the pick-up location and destination of the passenger. Pitane Mobility Online V3 registers a proof of delivery by placing a signature or registering a QR code scan. Extra costs are automatically processed on the trip statement en route and many functions such as work schedules, schedules and forms are available.

Why launch a standard app?

The new app is the basis of all the new technology that we are currently building and will automatically make available to our apps users in the future. One has to think of the integration of different payment systems that the traveler can then use via direct interaction with the driver app.

Is there still room for customization within this new technology?

Certainly, Pitane Mobility Online V3 is a modular concept whereby we can enable or disable options per company and offer customized blocks within the same app. One can think of extra functions for target group transport, extra functionality for drivers at a specific transport company or modules for customers and requests for journeys.

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