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Passion for People is a foundation dedicated to the support and further development of the Trinity Hospital Muona in Limbe, in the south of the African third world country Malawi. 

Passion for People, as a foundation, believes in the right to a healthy future for every child or newborn, also in countries such as Malawi, where the chances of survival of babies and young children are limited and the mortality of maternity women is among the highest in the world.

We kunnen de grote problemen op dit gebied niet oplossen maar wij zijn van mening dat we een aanzienlijke bijdrage kunnen leveren aan een grotere overlevingskans en een gezondere toekomst van vooral moeders en kinderen.

Passion for People wants to offer support primarily to the Trinity hospital in Muona, Malawi, and to structurally improve the level of care there, both in the form of providing the required goods / equipment and by more structurally facilitating good care. training for nurses and midwives and where necessary other disciplines within the hospital and providing a workable hygienic hospital environment. This is to create accessible, high-quality healthcare with the necessary equipment and knowledge. 

Maintaining focus and providing structure in the relief services at the Trinity Hospital in Muona Malawi are a must. The three spearheads; Goods, infrastructure and training contribute greatly to the achievement of our objective.

Winnaar Gouden Gans 2016

With the help of the Wild Geese, Trinity Hospital will have two perfectly functioning respirators available in the near future. For a long time, the anesthetists have had to perform operations without breathing machines. Tribute for the way they have always saved themselves, but the quality of anesthesia can of course be much better if you have such devices at your disposal.

The Trinity hospital

The Trinity hospital is a small 220-bed hospital in the south of Malawi. The nearest town (Blantyre) is a 4.5-hour drive away. Blentyre is the most commercially and industrially important city in Malawi. The catchment area extends beyond the border with Mozambique and has around 250,000 inhabitants.

The hospital has approximately 20 qualified nurses and 5 clinical officers. Sometimes some foreign doctors work there. In addition to an acute shortage of trained staff, the hospital has a shortage of everything. A major advantage of the hospital is the fact that it itself has nursing and obstetric training. As a result, if there is sufficient financial support, it will itself train nursing and obstetric staff! 

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