Pitane Mobility offers solutions for iOS and Android devices

Since 2015, we have been supplying Pitane Mobility Mobile Anywhere to drivers, which is a handy tool in the car alongside your BCT. Many dozens of functionalities offer extra options for your company.

"During the construction of this software, the drivers responsible for managing their colleagues were also considered." 

Evening centralist or driver?

By using Pitane Mobility Mobile Anywhere you can give a driver the rights of a central operator so that he can allocate ride orders received from his device to his colleagues, who still receive the trips on his BCT.

The main functions from the central agenda were made mobile so that the evening centralist can now be a driver. Call forwarding and using Pitane Mobility Mobile Anywhere. 

The software has replaced the 'old' existing Apps for iOS and Android and has a new license structure so that the driver no longer pays when downloading the software.

Some standard functionalities:

  • Calling customers (warm call service)
  • Overview complete fleet
  • Track & Trace your own car
  • Track & Trace driver
  • Simultaneous use with the BCT
  • Setting and specifying status messages
  • Request fare request
  • Central agenda overview
  • Management of costs and cash book
  • Sending images
  • Management of refueling
  • Registration breaks
  • Multicentral accounts
  • Pay via Internet services
  • Registration and overview zones
  • 112 alarm function
  • Sending chat messages
  • Book trip order
  • Overview of time sheets
  • Delay message
  • Design through icons 

Some management functionalities

  • Assignment of trip orders to colleagues
  • Automatically send job to BCT
  • Undo ride orders
  • Planning of journey orders
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