Pitane Mobility and linking with Adsolut offers Flemish SMEs a complete agenda package

Adsolut is perhaps one of the most complete solutions for accountants, accountants and SMEs because in addition to an extensive accounting package, the software includes a customer portal, management software and an administrative package.
Since this month, Pitane Mobility also offers a full link with Adsolut so that all invoices made can be transferred to Adsolut via an API without any worries. The link includes checking and creating the relationships and the OGM or structured communication. If the relationship does not exist, Pitane Mobility automatically creates the data in the Adsolut software.

Belgian VAT returns, the end-of-year VAT listing, the intra-Community declaration and even the 281.50 and Intrastat returns are all electronic. Whether you have to process one or more declarations, Adsolut always delivers them in the prescribed format so that you can submit them quickly and easily to the relevant administrations.

Your client's financial status is a crucial source of information

With Adsolut you can process your bank statements both manually and electronically. The process runs automatically via CODA files and therefore much faster. You can make payments to suppliers in a few clicks - done with the unnecessary retyping of payment details. And if you want to direct your customers, these orders will also be sent to your bank in a few clicks.

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