Climate neutral transport solution Taxi & Meer de Groene Betuwe chooses Pitane Mobility

TAXI & MEER de Groene Betuwe was founded on 1 February 2004 by Henk Houth to provide suitable climate-neutral transport solutions. 

The company is affiliated with DVG Personenvervoer (De Vier Gewesten) and provides VGZ patient transport for residents of the municipalities of Buren, Neder-Betuwe, Renswoude, Rhenen and Veenendaal and the places Amerongen, Buurmalsen, Deil, Geldermalsen, Leersum, Meteren, Overberg and Sad.

Since its founding in 2004, TAXI & MEER de Groene Betuwe has been driving all kilometers (loaded and unloaded) climate neutral. They fully compensate for CO2 emissions through forest planting and investments in sustainable energy.

For example, they have planted their own “climate forest”, the fleet consists of A-label vehicles, solar panels are installed, a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, a full-electric van and two fully electric taxis are part of the fleet, elephant grass and 100% recycled envelopes are used here in the office.

Since January 2013, our business operations are completely climate neutral. They focus on a reduction of CO2 emissions, by at least 10% annually. 

Henk Houth, founder / director of TAXI & MEER de Groene Betuwe:

"Investing in climate-neutral business operations means investing in quality of life. Not only for now, but certainly also for later. Our customers thus ensure a contribution to the environment without having to pay more for it. In fact, TAXI & MORE is often cheaper than regular taxi companies!

Photo: TAXI & MEER de Groene Betuwe

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