Synchronize iCall with Pitane Mobility without the intervention of expensive "third-party" applications

It would be nice if everyone had the same equipment at home and could therefore use the same options and options. But unfortunately that doesn't work that way. A nasty consequence of this is that anyone using Google Calendar cannot synchronize this with the iCloud calendar. Fortunately there are, as always, tricks for that within Pitane Mobility.

All latest versions of Pitane Mobility have an iCal synchronization. A handy way for your drivers or customers to include the booking in their own agenda regardless of the agenda that they use on their telephone or computer.

Along with the email, a link is also sent and your customers or drivers can immediately add their "appointment" as an attachment to their digital agenda such as Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Agenda.

Pitane Mobility makes the alarm ring.

iCal (RFC 5545) was once the first program for macOS that supports multiple calendars and can publish them directly to a WebDAV server. If you use iCal for the appointments and reminders within Pitane Mobility, a reminder is assigned so that you do not forget the appointment. With this option you can also indicate how many minutes before the start of the appointment a reminder should be displayed.

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