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Pitane Mobility Group transport, a leader in transport planning

We are the market leader in software for transporting homes to day care and student transport. Our clients are primarily foundations and organizations responsible for transporting clients with intellectual disabilities
disability and people with a work disability.

Municipalities that organize student transport and large transport centers are also at the right address with us from analysis, purchase up to and including

Our main assets are:

  • Software that looks at the individual possibilities and needs of the client.
  • Automatic route generator and standardization of all group transport.
  • Perfect registration of waiting time, loaded and unloaded time of your drivers.
  • A team with know-how and perfect support during implementation.
  • Affordable solution and available as a Pitane Mobility Citrix Cloud application.
  • A relatively low investment and good payback model.
  • Strong transport analyzes per home or client and perfect reports.
  • Web portals and mobile applications available for every device.

With this Pitane Mobility module you can schedule all journeys of group transport whereby you can specify per route which people and facilities apply.

You can state the departure and arrival times per route, as well as the days that this route is driven.

Each person or student on the route can have a different pick-up or destination address. This is how you pick up the child from the mother in the morning and take it to grandma on Wednesday afternoon, for example. Every person in the route can have a different address every day if desired.

Always optimal and standardized routes

Making efficient planning is usually a very complex and labor-intensive affair.

Pitane Mobility can automatically provide advice on the most efficient route sequence with collection times. To create high-quality routes, modern techniques have been implemented that work based on the most recent map material.

Insightful for everyone

With the online version of the Pitane Mobility Business Suite you can make the transport process transparent for clients. By giving your customer access to Pitane Mobility Online you give them the possibility to consult name and address data and journey information (such as times and locations). In addition, it is possible to pass on mutations directly, such as sickness and recovery notifications, absence and changes to collection addresses.

Main functions:

  • Linking routes to clients
  • Link clients to schools or institutions
  • Registration of vacations per school or institution
  • Linking rates per route, student, kilometers or travel time
  • Linking students or staff to basic routes
  • Sick and better reporting of participants
  • Compiling routes in accordance with the requirements of the client
  • Recalculate and optimize routes
  • Clear reports for your drivers

“Pitane Mobility group transport can also be expanded with the Pitane Mobility Route Generator. With the help of the route generator, real-time current routes per day are generated and automatically transferred to the group transport module or the current day planning. "

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