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Pitane Mobility is an IT partner of Mama Taxi

Mama Taxi is a private female driver service. The female drivers work for top executives from the business world, politics and the diplomatic corps. Mama Taxi offers first-class luxury transport for business Rotterdam. And all in 100% electric cars from the top segment. 

But Mama Taxi is more!

Mama Taxi is a social springboard for women of all ethnic origin (all nationalities) who want to turn the tide. These are women with a clear distance to the labor market.

We train them to become professional, customer-friendly, representative drivers and offer them a job, and with that a chance to move forward on their own.

Mama Taxi is no ordinary taxi service. As a participating company, you join Mama Taxi and, if you wish, you can call up our services via the special Mama Taxi app. This exclusivity guarantees high service for you as a customer and safety for our drivers.

Mama Taxi goes for sustainable transport. They drive 100% electric. Customers are transported with care in cars from the top segment, such as the luxurious Tesla Model S.

Mama Taxi Rotterdam stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

But nobody can live on love alone. Mama Taxi is looking for investors, sponsors and ambassadors. Do you help to build a community around Mama Taxi? And thereby improve the chances of many women? They offer you the chance to turn this project into your project, your profit, your value.

We invite you to invest in Mama Taxi.

Photo: Zizi Fernandes
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