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Mobile data communication, regardless of the supplier

Mobile data communication means sending trip orders to a vehicle and at least as importantly processing the feedback from the vehicles. Every street taxi in the Netherlands must have an on-board computer for taxis (BCT). He records the taxi rides and the working hours. This allows the government to better control taxi companies.

Maintaining the on-board computer taxi until 30 June 2016 

The ILT writes to license plate holders who do not have an (activated) on-board computer taxi (BCT). The inspection is aware of this through data from the Road Traffic Service, KIWA and through its own observations.

The Inspectorate draws the attention of these license holders to the legal obligation of a BCT. In addition, the inspectorate indicates the consequences if, as of 1 July 2016 * taxis do not yet have a BCT. The Inspectorate will continue to update and record the aforementioned data in the coming period. If this shows that license plate holders do not meet their legal obligation with regard to the BCT, they can expect a company visit from the ILT with priority from 1 July.

Authorized suppliers and partners of Censys BV

Pitane Mobility connects with all hardware recognized by the Dutch government from various suppliers such as Cabman CS, Cabman BCT, QTwee and Neone BCT and Mobitab. We do not provide software for reading data from your USB stick, but link all data in real-time via the air (data console equipped with a SIM card).

Our partners in data communication and GPS tracking

Euphoria Software
Wilhelminapark 36
5041 EC Tilburg

QTwee Group BV
Hora plants 2
6717 LT Ede

Neone BV
Paslaan 19
7311 AJ Apeldoorn

Tracktracer Vehicle tracking systems BV
Ondernemingsweg 4
2404 HN Alphen aan den Rijn

TomTom webfleet.CONNECT
Airport road 13
5657 EA Eindhoven

DGW Internet & AppServices BV
Marinus van Meelweg 12
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Mergroup NV
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1730 Asse (Belgium)

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