With Pitane Mobility Narrowcasting you are assured of a total solution for screen communication, which includes everything, including hardware and software, installation and management.

Our years of experience enable us to anticipate developments. We know the transport market and know what the traveler needs.

Information extension that is current in the waiting room

Pitane Mobility Narrowcasting is provided with current news messages and traffic information. Via the user-friendly system you can quickly and easily adjust your own messages and manage the broadcast with minimal technical knowledge.


People may not immediately think of the touring sector but secretly NS is a big customer for the coach market. Dutch Railways uses replacement buses if trains cannot run. In 2017, for example, NS used more than 22,000 buses for work and nearly 9,000 buses for disruptions.

Pitane Mobility is developing better travel information and management systems for this sector in order to more accurately inform travelers about the exact departure and arrival times of their buses when working.

The Eindhoven-based company previously concluded an agreement with OV9292 for the integration of its information system and now, since the arrival of Pitane Mobility Rio, it has been offering complete software for control centers in train replacement bus transport such as Transvision.

Tailored mobile applications for iOS and Android

Since April 2019, we have been building our own native custom apps for iOS and Android. These apps use our Pitane Mobility API, which we also make available to our partners for their own developments on our software. One of our latest developments and perhaps one of the best known apps is the driver app for NS train replacement transport.


Pitane Mobility Visual Planning lifts playfully combining journeys to a higher level

Pitane Mobility Visueel Plannen werd ontwikkeld op de werkvloer door goed te luisteren naar de wensen van onze klanten.

The software fully supports the calculation of the most logical route that the driver must follow in a way that from the first beta version we rolled out on the shop floor received an 8.7 score from the planners and drivers.

“It's a matter of innovating software further because the unique end result can be there. From now on it is possible to combine journeys in Pitane Mobility in a 'playful' way. ”

Proper hardware offers even more options

The management of Trevvel in Rotterdam itself went one step further and looked for the right options to make optimal use of the software. The result is a huge touchscreen 'planning table' with Pitane Mobility Visual Planning version 10. The software is easy to operate on the screen by touching the screen.

Danny Zuidwijk, as supervisor of the Trevvel Together department, provided us with good advice during development. Result, a completely new user interface around the power of the Pitane Mobility combination module, correct routes for the driver and all aspects of target group transport that are respected.


Pitane Mobility car planning

Pitane Mobility offers dynamic car planning with control of current traffic information

Within Pitane Mobility version 10, much attention was paid to the new automatic car planning. After all, for many companies the planning of cars is a complex matter that has to take into account many factors such as the range of the car, break and service times of the driver and the use of the right equipment to meet the expectations of the traveler.

In the past period the automatic car planning was further developed and tested on the work floor at the traffic control of Trevvel. This Rotterdam-based company processes more than 6,000 journeys per day and uses Pitane Mobility version 10.

Dynamic planning with checking current traffic information

Because this often also concerns 'last-minute' changes, it was decided to wait until the last moment to select the right car for the assignments. All factors that play a role in determining the right car for a route or trip assignment for travelers such as low-entry, wheelchair transport, boarding via the lift, use of aids, etc. are checked during the dynamic planning.

Different methods to use as a planning system

With group transport, and certainly with school transport, in most cases there is no question of using automatic planning systems for the car because the car and driver are usually already locked in for a longer period.

For target group transport where it is usually possible to order up to 1 hour prior to transport, the software provides a number of possible planning methods, the most striking of which may be the start-up planning. This start-up schedule is relatively easy to determine based on the location of the car in the morning, such as the driver's home address or the base point or garage of the car.

Still getting used to for the planner ...

It becomes more complex when we receive thousands of journey orders during the day that are combined into optimal routes and must be automatically assigned to the right vehicles. Pitane Mobility offers dynamic car planning with control of current traffic information.

For the planner it takes some getting used to and especially figuring out why the machine chose a different car than what he had in mind for the same journey. Further investigation often shows that current traffic information was the reason for the choice made. Other choice elements are then monitoring of the break and scheduling times and the range of the car.

Pitane Mobility car planning


Pitane Mobility Oslo is beschikbaar voor alle cloud gebruikers

Pitane Mobility introduced the arrival of its 64-bit version more than a year ago. A busy agenda, enormous challenges in customization and the construction of highly advanced new modules were the reason for a major delay and postponement of the release date.

The new version 10 software is packed with new functions and many additional modules that make the old versions quickly forgotten due to the ease of use. We find the most important innovations in mapping software, train replacement transport, a totally renewed message center, automatic assistance and combining journey orders.

Ondanks de software reeds beschikbaar is vanaf 11 maart 2019 voor de cloud klanten zal Pitane Mobility de komende maanden nog verder worden voorzìen van gloednieuwe functionaliteiten.


Synchronize iCall with Pitane Mobility without the intervention of expensive "third-party" applications

It would be nice if everyone had the same equipment at home and could therefore use the same options and options. But unfortunately that doesn't work that way. A nasty consequence of this is that anyone using Google Calendar cannot synchronize this with the iCloud calendar. Fortunately there are, as always, tricks for that within Pitane Mobility.

All latest versions of Pitane Mobility have an iCal synchronization. A handy way for your drivers or customers to include the booking in their own agenda regardless of the agenda that they use on their telephone or computer.

Along with the email, a link is also sent and your customers or drivers can immediately add their "appointment" as an attachment to their digital agenda such as Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Agenda.

Pitane Mobility makes the alarm ring.

iCal (RFC 5545) was once the first program for macOS that supports multiple calendars and can publish them directly to a WebDAV server. If you use iCal for the appointments and reminders within Pitane Mobility, a reminder is assigned so that you do not forget the appointment. With this option you can also indicate how many minutes before the start of the appointment a reminder should be displayed.


New app now offers all taxi company drivers their own Pitane Mobility App

During the announcement of the planned new developments for 2019, the arrival of a new standard app for all transport companies was high on the agenda. How nice would it be to be able to serve different taxi companies with one app?

Pitane Mobility introduces a totally updated version of Pitane Mobility Online suitable for iOS and Android. A solution for all drivers who offer services at different transport companies. The most important addition in this driver app is perhaps the possibility to link the app to one or more transport companies.

During the start-up of the app, this offers the driver the possibility to link to the standard company or temporarily connect to another company. You can adjust the selection from within the app with the same ease.

Limited management costs for your company.

With Pitane Mobility Online V3, the management costs of mobile devices are kept to a minimum. Unlike previous solutions, the device does not have to be registered in a management tool. The user downloads the app from the Google PlayStore or AppStore after which it installs itself.

The user then only needs to log in with the e-mail address and password that he has automatically received from the manager of the Pitane Mobility network. Rides can then be assigned to the user and all functions available.

Can I use the app when I have an on-board computer?

Of course, the Pitane Mobility App works perfectly alongside your on-board computer with data communication. Of course you have to operate the on-board computer as before, but the app works synchronously and offers many added value and functions that your BCT does not have.

This way you also receive the journey orders on the app and you always know the way. You will receive directions to the pick-up location and destination of the passenger. Pitane Mobility Online V3 registers a proof of delivery by placing a signature or registering a QR code scan. Extra costs are automatically processed on the trip statement en route and many functions such as work schedules, schedules and forms are available.

Why launch a standard app?

The new app is the basis of all the new technology that we are currently building and will automatically make available to our apps users in the future. One has to think of the integration of different payment systems that the traveler can then use via direct interaction with the driver app.

Is there still room for customization within this new technology?

Certainly, Pitane Mobility Online V3 is a modular concept whereby we can enable or disable options per company and offer customized blocks within the same app. One can think of extra functions for target group transport, extra functionality for drivers at a specific transport company or modules for customers and requests for journeys.

More information, call us today at +31 40 7440545


Pitane Mobility and linking with Adsolut offers Flemish SMEs a complete agenda package

Adsolut is perhaps one of the most complete solutions for accountants, accountants and SMEs because in addition to an extensive accounting package, the software includes a customer portal, management software and an administrative package.
Since this month, Pitane Mobility also offers a full link with Adsolut so that all invoices made can be transferred to Adsolut via an API without any worries. The link includes checking and creating the relationships and the OGM or structured communication. If the relationship does not exist, Pitane Mobility automatically creates the data in the Adsolut software.

Belgian VAT returns, the end-of-year VAT listing, the intra-Community declaration and even the 281.50 and Intrastat returns are all electronic. Whether you have to process one or more declarations, Adsolut always delivers them in the prescribed format so that you can submit them quickly and easily to the relevant administrations.

Your client's financial status is a crucial source of information

With Adsolut you can process your bank statements both manually and electronically. The process runs automatically via CODA files and therefore much faster. You can make payments to suppliers in a few clicks - done with the unnecessary retyping of payment details. And if you want to direct your customers, these orders will also be sent to your bank in a few clicks.

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