Pitane Arrive

Overal in Nederland een taxi boeken en betalen waar je ook bent. Met Pitane Arrive kies je de ophaallocatie, tijdstip en bestemming. Vervolgens kan je kiezen uit de verschillende aangeboden wagens en prijsklassen. Je ziet vooraf de ritprijs en betaalt via de app op je telefoon, dus geen gedoe meer in de taxi. Het wachten op de taxi is dan een kwestie van live mee volgen op de kaart wanneer je taxi arriveert. 

Het is nu mogelijk om overal in Nederland een taxi te boeken en te betalen met Pitane Arrive. Dat bevestigde het Eindhovense softwarebedrijf wat onlangs met succes de Pitane Driver APP in de AppStore en Google PlayStore plaatste. De gloednieuwe boekingsapp moet op een zeer gebruiksvriendelijke manier reizigers in staat stellen om de ‘last mile’ boeking uit te voeren via de mobiele telefoon. 

Ook aan de betaling van de ritopdrachten werd veel aandacht besteed waardoor de nieuwe app  ingezet kan worden voor alle boekingen met vooraf afgesproken bedragen. Een bijkomend voordeel is dat je bij vooruitbetaling een automatische e-mailbevestiging met een gespecificeerde factuur kan verwachten van het betreffende vervoersbedrijf.

Veiligheid de zwaarste eis voor ondernemers

Om ritten efficiënt te kunnen inplannen en verwerken maakt Pitane Arrive gebruik van het eigen Pitane Mobility netwerk omdat het van belang is te weten waar de voertuigen zich bevinden. Controle en veiligheid is gewaarborgd door het aan de ondernemers verplicht gestelde Track&Trace systeem. 

Naast de bedrijven die aangesloten zijn op het Pitane Mobility netwerk kunnen andere bedrijven eveneens hun diensten aanbieden via een handige API (Application Programming Interface). Via deze API zal Karhoo haar ritopdrachten aanbieden op de Nederlandse markt. Denk daarbij aan vervoersuitbreidingen bij boekingen van hotelkamers en vluchten en de daarbij behorende  taxiritten van en naar de luchthaven of de uitbreiding van het vervoer vanuit elk NS station.

Kwaliteit en keuze van de bedrijven

Via Pitane Arrive worden  ondernemers die hun diensten aanbieden binnen de nieuwe app in Nederland zorgvuldig geselecteerd op basis van het Taxikeurmerk TX-Keur en/of de NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certificering. Hiermee voldoet de boekingsapp aan alle eisen die je als reiziger mag stellen aan een zorgeloos geboekte taxirit. 

Sacking an impatient taxi driver does not solve the problem

Woman holding a walker

Social media reacted furiously to images of a driver from Regiotaxi Utrecht who is helping a woman in need in his taxi in a rather impatient manner. Although there is little evidence of 'helping' in this case.

“Come on, ma'am, the road is flat. Come on! ”, The man shouts, clapping his hands frequently and nervously. "Yes, we still have more work to do," he explains his nervous behavior. "Other drivers had long been gone."

This story is of course not isolated and although this behavior of the drivers is by no means good to talk about, the core of the matter is the regulations that we have devised together. It has to become increasingly cheaper and quality cannot do without investing in people.

The taxi company in question carries out the Collective Demand-dependent Transport on behalf of Regiotaxi Utrecht and arranges this with sub taxis in this province. In itself a familiar picture of what we find everywhere in the Netherlands when carrying out this form of transport.

Within this form of transport, 'sharp' rules apply, such as the maximum waiting time for the customer when he is not ready. In most cases, the taxi driver can continue driving if the waiting time is more than five minutes. Other travelers who are already on the bus are waiting. 

Other travelers also suffer because their taxi shows up too late

Combined transport in most cases consists of a route of two to four combined travelers who must be transported within the 'standards'. If there is a delay within the route, other travelers will also suffer because their taxi will show up too late.

It is not unusual for social media reports to show that Mrs. Janssen had to wait far too long for her taxi. The regional press and opposition parties in local politics are happy to respond to this question to question the quality of the carrier. In this case it was a supermarket employee who would rather film than assist her smoking colleague to guide the customer to the taxi. 

Without properly discussing the behavior in this matter, we should think together about the regulations and requirements that we impose on transport companies. Perhaps this behavior may be a cause of our regulations and a driver who implements these rules, in terms of waiting time, as expected from him.

Arno Janssen, general manager of this taxi company, says he is 'very shocked'. “We are deeply ashamed. The behavior is disrespectful and completely unacceptable. We contacted the family of the woman in question and apologized. ”

National politics interfere with the incident

In a response, the PVV announced that care and elderly transport is under pressure. Companies go bankrupt or sell off healthcare transport with serious consequences. The #PVV ask parliamentary questions!

Woman holding a walker

Google Maps warns if a taxi driver tries to rip you off

Google has decided to use Google Maps to compete with taxi drivers. According to Google, the scams will soon be a thing of the past. With the new feature called Stay Safer, Google Maps gives a notification when the taxi driver deviates from the route.

Taxi drivers who try to trick their customers are better on their guard because Google Maps is testing a new feature where users are notified when the most logical route is ignored by the driver.

It is a known worldwide problem: rogue taxi drivers who unnecessarily make a big detour in order to push the fare up.

If it depends on Google Maps, such practices will soon be a thing of the past. The new function within Google Maps called "Stay Safer" automatically gives users a notification when the taxi deviates more than 500 meters from the "logical" route.

The notification makes the user aware of the possible scams.

The position is currently being tested in India, a country where some rape cases where taxi drivers sexually abused their female customers have led to great dismay.

It is not yet known when 'Stay Safer' will be rolled out globally.


With Pitane Mobility Narrowcasting you are assured of a total solution for screen communication, which includes everything, including hardware and software, installation and management.

Our years of experience enable us to anticipate developments. We know the transport market and know what the traveler needs.

Information extension that is current in the waiting room

Pitane Mobility Narrowcasting is provided with current news messages and traffic information. Via the user-friendly system you can quickly and easily adjust your own messages and manage the broadcast with minimal technical knowledge.

Politicians and press score easily due to insufficient knowledge of the rules

Under the Social Support Act (Wmo), citizens can use special transport. There are differences in implementation and carrier per municipality. There are standards in the market and statutory rates to which municipalities and transporters are bound, but quality requirements in municipalities' procurement program vary considerably.

Political opposition and press score easily due to insufficient knowledge of the rules of the game

Taxis arrive late, they double or the drivers do not sufficiently help the passengers. These are just a few comments where the opposition parties are spinning politically and the local press all too often sees enough to put the implementation of the Wmo transport in a negative light, a question of scoring the right target group.

Many complaints have to do with the expectations of the traveler and lack of good communication from the government about what can be expected from the transport within its Wmo contract. Carriers also regularly have to deal with complaints that they cannot influence, but that have to do with the client and the policy.

Recently we could read in the Dagblad van het Noorden that complaints came from people who would normally sit in the car for 20 minutes for a ride but took much longer because the taxi took several people at the same time. Perhaps the journalist had not really delved into the transport conditions of the Wmo transport and assumed that this strange situation was a mistake by the transporter.

No transport company wants to 'bully' the traveler

The Asser PvdA had received 48 complaints after it had opened a hotline two months ago where travelers from the Wmo transport could report problems. That is not even a complaint per day, but every complaint is one too many.

With the knowledge that some control centers carry out thousands of journeys per day, the number of complaints is minimal and transport companies do their utmost to properly transport the traveler within the agreed rules of the Wmo transport. Wmo transport is a special market with a special target group that requires extra attention.


People may not immediately think of the touring sector but secretly NS is a big customer for the coach market. Dutch Railways uses replacement buses if trains cannot run. In 2017, for example, NS used more than 22,000 buses for work and nearly 9,000 buses for disruptions.

Pitane Mobility is developing better travel information and management systems for this sector in order to more accurately inform travelers about the exact departure and arrival times of their buses when working.

The Eindhoven-based company previously concluded an agreement with OV9292 for the integration of its information system and now, since the arrival of Pitane Mobility Rio, it has been offering complete software for control centers in train replacement bus transport such as Transvision.

Tailored mobile applications for iOS and Android

Since April 2019, we have been building our own native custom apps for iOS and Android. These apps use our Pitane Mobility API, which we also make available to our partners for their own developments on our software. One of our latest developments and perhaps one of the best known apps is the driver app for NS train replacement transport.

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