We are the market leader in smart online mobility solutions.

Yet we have more to offer and we would like to put more than 30 years of experience in the sector at the service of your company. Transport companies sometimes mistakenly believe that the money is earned behind the wheel, instead of behind the calculator and the drawing board. There is often a lot to save by optimizing the deployment of people and the fleet.

Analyze business processes

Analyseren van bedrijfsprocessen en doorlichting van de organisatie is niet eenvoudig en moet professioneel en zonder teveel emotie worden uitgevoerd. Vervoersbedrijven zijn het niet gewend om hun eigen organisatie tegen het licht te houden. Daarom is het ook verstandig om dit door een ervaren externe deskundige te laten doen.

We have the knowledge, experience and scope to optimally fulfill every transport issue. Whether you are looking for a total solution or want advice for a specific part, our expertise is available.

Innovativity through the years

As early as 1993, the Belgian newspapers had the scoop that a taxi company in Ghent was able to book journeys using the buttons of a telephone without the intervention of a telephone operator. The Ghent company became a trendsetter and the example was quickly followed by Dutch taxi companies. 

More than 25 years later we are still just as innovative and people read via social media that we offer visual plans on special 'plant tables' equipped with Pitane Mobility Rio software. The common denominator of these developments: the passion with which we are always looking for innovative solutions.l

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